This is full-immersion learning for you and your team to go from good to great in marketing, sales, team communications and patient communications. Wendy can design an engagement that is different than these packages, so please inquire if you have something specific in mind.


Total Communications Review

The most comprehensive and popular service, this is a unique, impactful solution for organizations wanting a comprehensive, objective, candid assessment of their communications strategies and specific suggestions to take them to the next step and beyond. This is comprehensive, tailored and in-person at your office. Unlimited access to Wendy by phone and email for 3 months after the session is included.


Communications Summit

Great for covering a few specific issues that are more appropriately worked through in person, on-site.


Team Training

Ideal for aligning teams on existing communications strategies and inspiring them to build bigger, better communications strategies for future growth, delivered at your office.



  • I have heard many practice marketing speakers and I put Wendy on the top of the list. She offers great ideas that make sense and are easy to incorporate into your practice.”—Dr. Clarke Stevens, organizer of OrthoVOICE, an International Orthodontic Exposition
  • I saw you speak this past weekend and you really got me thinking about my practice marketing strategy. Thanks so much…Bottom-line, you got my brain working…hard. I am in the middle of planning my marketing for 2016 and wanted to stretch out to new areas of marketing: brand awareness and traditional marketing, as well as to improve my LinkedIn presence. Thanks again for a great talk and stimulating my gray matter.”—Dr. Victoria Lynskey
  • Great presentation! New fresh material that was very applicable, as well.”—Dr. Joe Vargo
  • Wendy’s presentation material and lecture style made the information very easy to understand. I was impressed with her knowledge of this topic and her friendly rapport. I would highly recommend Wendy to any organization whose members are interested in entering the social media and marketing arena.”—Dr. Kevin M. Patterson
  • I have heard many marketing presentations over the past couple of years, and Wendy’s presentation outlined the most coordinated, well organized, and systematic approach to create a cost-effective marketing campaign that would actually work for my office.”—Dr. James W. Kearney
  • Wendy is able to make topics like social media fun and interesting, and her courses allow doctors to have just the right amount of information to support them in their marketing efforts. We would definitely take another course from Wendy due to the clarity of her presentations.” —Dr. Thomas S. Jennings and Sue Ann Jennings