Communications Summit

This is comprehensive, tailored and in-person at your office. Great for covering a few specific issues that are more appropriately worked through in person, on-site.

A Communications Summit can be a useful tool for a checkup, a year or two after a Total Communications Review, or it can be customized to address anything not covered by another package. This program is designed to cover a few specific issues that are more appropriately worked through in person, on-site. It is the least expensive option that involves in-person consulting with you.

It unfolds in three phases.

First, get on Wendy’s schedule for an initial, complimentary exploratory call, 30 minutes. At the date and time you select, you and she speak briefly about your situation and whether or not this is a good fit for you. In half of the cases, Wendy would typically steer you to another program.

Second, Wendy’s team finds the next available date and sends you acceptance materials based on that. By email, you’ll receive an agreement to sign and return, a list of materials to gather, a proposed schedule for the on-site portion, an invoice, a credit card authorization form and a non-disclosure agreement that Wendy will have already signed to ensure confidentiality regarding your organization.

Once you have formally accepted the engagement, Wendy’s team will send a second email asking for a census of all team members, including principals and executives, as well as a short list of great clients (the ones you would love to replicate) so that we can issue qualitative surveys. You will have time to gather the materials Wendy has requested and send them ahead of time (roughly ten days) so that she can thoroughly prepare for the on-site session.

Third, Wendy will conduct the on-site portion. That can be anything from one day to four days and depends on the size of your organization. For teams of up to fifteen people, we can accomplish what we need to in one day. You’ll receive the agenda beforehand.

The session itself will cover:

  • A comprehensive audit of existing communications including but not limited to external marketing (to prospects and referrers), sales communications, internal marketing and communications (to the team), and patient/client communications. With this comes analysis of how your organization’s positioning stands up to the competition as well as qualitative data on how great clients are finding you and what value they see in your organization that they cannot find elsewhere.
  • Impact of your organization’s specific financial and organizational structure on all communications efforts.
  • Systems, structures and processes to put into place to improve all communications efforts.
  • A very clear picture of where your organization is now, where it should be and how to get there.

Wendy’s team will provide you with an outline to facilitate note taking. Rather than reiterating everything in a written report, the deliverable is the spoken advice Wendy gives and the notes you capture. After years doing this, it’s clear that teams learn best by engaging in note taking and making the knowledge their own. Wendy and her team will help you do that.

Those are the three stages. How does it differ from a Total Communications Review?

  • Less territory is covered in the compressed schedule.
  • Interaction with the entire team isn’t feasible in the compressed schedule.
  • Most of the interaction is only with leaders and managers.
  • Most importantly, we accept your analysis of the situation without forming our own opinion based on direct observation and interaction. The recommendations can be less objective because of this.
  • Occasional short email exchanges or phone calls after the session are welcome, but not a formal part of the package.

In spite of these differences, you will begin to see positive change very early in the process. In fact, gathering the materials is a learning exercise. Some of the changes can happen quickly, and others may take up to eighteen months. The recommendations are a balance between the eventual positive impact versus the short term disruption, which we attempt to minimize as much as possible.

We are eager to help you shape your organization to be profitable and effective. And fun too!

Ready to learn more? Get on Wendy’s schedule for an initial, complimentary exploratory call to see if we are a fit, 30 minutes.


  • I have heard many practice marketing speakers and I put Wendy on the top of the list. She offers great ideas that make sense and are easy to incorporate into your practice.”—Dr. Clarke Stevens, organizer of OrthoVOICE, an International Orthodontic Exposition
  • I saw you speak this past weekend and you really got me thinking about my practice marketing strategy. Thanks so much…Bottom-line, you got my brain working…hard. I am in the middle of planning my marketing for 2016 and wanted to stretch out to new areas of marketing: brand awareness and traditional marketing, as well as to improve my LinkedIn presence. Thanks again for a great talk and stimulating my gray matter.”—Dr. Victoria Lynskey
  • Great presentation! New fresh material that was very applicable, as well.”—Dr. Joe Vargo
  • Wendy’s presentation material and lecture style made the information very easy to understand. I was impressed with her knowledge of this topic and her friendly rapport. I would highly recommend Wendy to any organization whose members are interested in entering the social media and marketing arena.”—Dr. Kevin M. Patterson
  • I have heard many marketing presentations over the past couple of years, and Wendy’s presentation outlined the most coordinated, well organized, and systematic approach to create a cost-effective marketing campaign that would actually work for my office.”—Dr. James W. Kearney
  • Wendy is able to make topics like social media fun and interesting, and her courses allow doctors to have just the right amount of information to support them in their marketing efforts. We would definitely take another course from Wendy due to the clarity of her presentations.” —Dr. Thomas S. Jennings and Sue Ann Jennings