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Lecture #1

KABOOM!: The Method for Explosive Marketing Results

The perfect remedy for…

  • A drop in production, revenue or lack of profits
  • Patient/client traffic plateauing or falling off
  • High staff turnover or low patient/client loyalty
  • Not enough patient/client traffic to acquire, transition, expand or grow

A successful organization articulates how the organization is different from all others and how to inspire their patients/clients and community to become loyal to them. Take the guesswork out of marketing to increase interest, loyalty, employee retention, production/revenue and profitability.

In this course, Wendy O’Donovan Phillips shines the light on the four parts to a balanced marketing formula: brand, online, traditional, and internal.

Attendees will gain clarity about the importance of branded marketing, and will review real-life examples on:

  • What to say to potential patients/clients to attract them to the organization
  • The most powerful ways to reach the target audience
  • Creating a marketing toolbox that simplifies, streamlines and saves money
  • The best ways to motivate people to become loyal to the organization

Learning Objectives:

  • Use target audience feedback to brand and market the organization online, offline and throughout the community
  • Ensure that the organization is differentiated from competitors
  • Establish a message and look that is as unique as the organization’s culture
  • Develop a foolproof marketing plan with easy step-by-step instructions, simplifying what was once complicated and cumbersome
  • Increase recalls, repeat visits and referrals with improved patient/client experience and communications
  • Understand the dos and don’ts of websites, online reviews, SEO, online advertising and social media
  • Discern which traditional marketing tactics are most appropriate for the organization
  • Create a system that generates loyal patients/clients and inspires them to refer
  • Simple steps to foolproof marketing that will save money and drive higher quality traffic




Utah Dental Association Convention

April 2018

American Association of Orthodontists; Washington, D.C.

May 2018

Dental Ed Global

December 2018

Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists; Reno, NV

October 2017

OrthoVOICE; Las Vegas, NV

KABOOM!: The Method Used By Top Dentists for Explosive Marketing Results

September 2016

American Dental Society Annual Session; Denver, CO

Joining Forces: Best Practices for New, Independent Dentists Starting a Group Practice

October 2016

Queens County Dental Society; Queens, NY

KABOOM!: The Method Used By Top Dentists for Explosive Marketing Results

March 2016

American Dental Association

Consultant for Practice Management Guidelines for Marketing

February 2016

The Long Island Association of Dental Office Managers; delivered via webinar

KABOOM!: The Method Used By Top Dentists for Explosive Marketing Results

November 2015

Los Angeles Dental Society; Los Angeles, CA

Practice Management Courses – Marketing for Dental Practices

November 2015

OrthoVOICE; Las Vegas, NV

KABOOM!: The Method Used By Top Dentists for Explosive Marketing Results

September 2015

Colorado Dental Association Annual Session; Vail, CO

KABOOM!: The Method Used By Top Dentists for Explosive Marketing Results

June 2014

Colorado Dental Association New Dentist Committee; Denver, CO

KABOOM!: The Method Used By Top Dentists for Explosive Marketing Results

September 2013

Seattle Study Club of Southern Colorado; Colorado Springs, CO

Harness The Power of Social Media to Attract New Patients

December 2011

Metro Denver Dental Society; Denver, CO

Maximizing Online Marketing to Attract More Patients

March 2011

Seattle Study Club of Denver; Denver, CO

Three things you can do today to attract more patients

January 2011

  • I have heard many practice marketing speakers and I put Wendy on the top of the list. She offers great ideas that make sense and are easy to incorporate into your practice.”—Dr. Clarke Stevens, organizer of OrthoVOICE, an International Orthodontic Exposition
  • I saw you speak this past weekend and you really got me thinking about my practice marketing strategy. Thanks so much…Bottom-line, you got my brain working…hard. I am in the middle of planning my marketing for 2016 and wanted to stretch out to new areas of marketing: brand awareness and traditional marketing, as well as to improve my LinkedIn presence. Thanks again for a great talk and stimulating my gray matter.”—Dr. Victoria Lynskey
  • Great presentation! New fresh material that was very applicable, as well.”—Dr. Joe Vargo
  • Wendy’s presentation material and lecture style made the information very easy to understand. I was impressed with her knowledge of this topic and her friendly rapport. I would highly recommend Wendy to any organization whose members are interested in entering the social media and marketing arena.”—Dr. Kevin M. Patterson
  • I have heard many marketing presentations over the past couple of years, and Wendy’s presentation outlined the most coordinated, well organized, and systematic approach to create a cost-effective marketing campaign that would actually work for my office.”—Dr. James W. Kearney
  • Wendy is able to make topics like social media fun and interesting, and her courses allow doctors to have just the right amount of information to support them in their marketing efforts. We would definitely take another course from Wendy due to the clarity of her presentations.” —Dr. Thomas S. Jennings and Sue Ann Jennings